CEUS: evolving roles and uses

This article summarizes the proceedings of the recent symposium sponsored by Bracco Imaging at ECR 2018 on the evolving roles and uses of Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS). Chaired by Prof. V Cantisani, the symposium featured presentations by three experienced clinicians who described resp  Read more

High-field MRI may release mercury from amalgam dental fillings

The American Dental Association has reported that 100 million amalgam filling procedures are performed every year in the United States. However, since 2008, the use of amalgam fillings has been forbidden or restricted in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Germany. In addition, the European Parliament   Read more

Quality control in radiology: a telemedicine approach to peer-review

By Dr S. Morozov, Dr E Guseva, Dr N Ledikhova, Dr A Vladzymyrskyy & Dr D Safronov Peer-review in radiology Currently, the increasing requirement of quality control in modern radiology means that this vital aspect of the profession is becoming ever-more time-consuming and expen  Read more

Use of a 3D camera system for precise, automatic patient positioning in CT

By Dr N Saltybaeva & Prof. H Alkadhi Automatic tube current modulation (TCM) is an important method for the reduction of the radiation dose to which the patient is exposed in CT examinations, while still maintaining image quality. Optimal implementation of TCM relies on accurate es  Read more

Cardiac hybrid imaging - an effective tool for predicting heart attacks

Invasive coronary angiography (ICA) is considered the gold standard for determining the percent of stenosis due to plaque in a coronary artery. However, the degree of stenosis on ICA is not always an accurate predictor of heart attack risk because it gives no information on perfusion. Cardiac hy  Read more

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