A multimodal system for the diagnosis of breast cancer



By Paola Taroni, Peter Godebeke, Alberto Dalla Mora, Alberto Tosi, Anotnio Pifferi, Jean-Marc Dinten, Mathieu Perriolloat, David Davery, Helene Sportouche, Bogdan Rosninski, Simon, Arridge, Andrea Giudice, Simone Tisa, Elena Venturini, Pietro Panizza, Pamela Zolda, Alexander Flocke

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in Europe; it is estimated that about one in eight women in Europe will develop breast cancer before the age of 85 [1, 2]. Early diagnosis of breast cancer maximizes the chances of survival so the availability of diagnostic tools with a high sensitivity for early cancer detection and with high specificity to minimize false positive results is vital.

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