Patient-assisted compression improves image quality, patient experience

By Dr R. Iordache The benefits of screening mammography have been confirmed in hundreds of studies [1-3]. However, at least a third of women over 40 do not consistently undergo recommended screenings [4]. There are numerous reasons for this, but one of the most common is fear and anx  Read more

Cartoid artery MRI improves risk assessment for cardiovascular disease

Carotid intima-media thickness (IMT) measured manually with B-mode UltraSound is the most widely used imaging method to assess the level of early carotid atherosclerosis because it is inexpensive, noninvasive, involves no ionizing radiation, requires no contrast agent (at least as is traditional  Read more

Quantitative MRI with shorter scan times

By I.Hachette & Dr M. Warntjes Clinically important information, such as the brain volume and degree of myelination can now be efficiently quantified through a single 6-minute acquisition MRI scan. This article summarizes the principles and applications of SyMRI, that is commerci  Read more

The role of deep learning in breast screening

By Dr H.Harvey, Dr E.Karpati, Dr G.Khara, Dr D. Korkinof, M.O’Neill, Dr A. Ng, Dr C.Austin, T. Rijken & Dr P. Kecskemethy A bold vision for the future of breast cancer screening is required if programmes are to maintain double-reading standards against the backdrop of a wor  Read more

A systematic review of double reading in diagnostic radiology

By Dr H. Geijer & Dr M. Geijer The optimal outcome of diagnostic imaging would of course ideally be one hundred percent accuracy in all diagnoses, but unfortunately, in practice this is not possible. Instead, the pragmatic approach that is adopted is to keep the number of discrep  Read more

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