TomTec: an established company with big reputation in 3D ultrasound

Now, six months after the finalisation of their acquisition by Philips, we wanted to find out how TOMTEC were finding life as a new member and integral part of one of the biggest multinational companies in the diagnostic imaging field as a whole and with a large presence in the ultrasound busine  Read more

Philips strengthens its ultrasound business through acquisition of TomTec

Six months ago, Philips announced the acquisition of the Munich-based company TOMTEC Imaging Systems who are specialised in clinical applications and ultrasound imaging software. Read More (/LiteratureRetrieve.aspx?ID=137485)  Read more

Improved patient experience and more precision medicine

Siemens Healthineers have introduced an impressively expanded portfolio of CT scanners. These include high-end systems for single- and dual-source imaging — Somatom Edge Plus, Somatom Drive, and Somatom Force — which introduce to the CT market the innovative FAST (fully assisting sca  Read more

CT shows enlarged aortas in former professional athletes

This article summarizes a recently published paper [1] which found that the dimensions of the ascending aortic were significantly larger in a sample of former professional athletes after adjusting for their size, age, race, and cardiac risk factors. Whether this translates to an increased risk i  Read more

Visual system involvement

Changes in the visual system as detected by MRI may be an early indicator of Parkinson’s disease. This article summarizes a recently published paper [1] showing that visual system alterations can be detected in the early stages of Parkinson’s disease and that the entire intracranial   Read more

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