Radiopaque three-dimensional printing of realistic patient phantoms

By Dr FB Schwartz & Dr P Jahnke This article gives a brief overview of the current limitations of phantoms used in the quality control of in computed tomography and radiation therapy and the disadvantages of commercially available 3D printing approaches for individual phantoms.  Read more

The role of the imaging department and its workflow in acute ischemic stroke

By Dr C Zerna, Dr ZA Assis, Dr Almekhlafi & Dr M Goyal Six positive trials of mechanical thrombectomy for anterior circulation acute ischemic stroke due to large-vessel occlusion established endovascular therapy as a standard of care for such patients. These trials (MR CLEAN, ESC  Read more

Advanced Vector Flow Imaging in vascular evaluation

Bt Dr Alfredo Goddi A new technique for non-invasive evaluation of flow dynamics in human vessels may allow earlier detection of abnormal vascular conditions. Hemopdynamics play an important role in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis. Thus, vessel wall that are exposed t  Read more

Cardiovascular risk assessment in women

By Dr T Datta, Dr AJ Ryan, Dr BG Choi, Dr JF Lewis & Dr AD Choi In this article we present a summary of the current status and clinical implications of the association of breast artery calcification (BAC) with coronary artery calcium scoring (CACS). We briefly introduce the epi  Read more

The importance of ultrasound in modern diagnostic and interventional radiology

Imaging in general is an indispensable part of modern medicine, with ultrasound playing a particularly important role. Thanks to continuing technological innovations, many modern ultrasound systems now contain advanced features which previously were limited to topof- the-range models.This ha  Read more

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